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V. P. (USA)
"I received all the plants yesterday and already put them in pots under lights. All of the roots were in good shape. Most of the leaves were in good shape. I am still very pleased with my order and would order from you again. Thank you."
Petit Oliver (France)
"I have received my parcel in excelent condition. Plant are all great quality, thank you."
Hajime Nakatani (Japan)
"Thank you for your excellent shipment.
I have received the plants and they are all great quality.
I am satisfied very much with your plants, will request again in future."
Masashi Wakabayashi (Japan)
"Hi, got your plants last night. They are very good condition. Thank you very much."
Atsushi Uchida (Japan)
"Hi, I received the parcel a couple of days ago. The orchids are fine and beautiful. Thanks for everything."
Ernst Jeske (Germany)

"The plants are really healthy, and they have survived the transport without any problems. Next year we'll order again. Please inform me, when you get new jewel orchids. We could reserve plants then until the next year"

Natalia Joyce (USA)

"I received your plants today and am happy like child! All bulbophyllums are great and is the biggest one reticulatum looks like with spike. I`m happy with my new orchids and will buy more and more plants from you from next spring."

Heidi Smith (USA)

"The plants are wonderful, arrived in perfect shape. Thanks so much."

Charles Addison (USA)

"The plants arrived yesterday. They arrived in great shape. Thanks for your assistance. "

Wladyslaw Krajewski (USA)

"Thank you. I have received your plants a day before yesterday. They look OK and hopefully will settle well here"


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