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The Singapore Zoological Garden is located in the middle of a tropical rainforest reserve, with a total land area of 28 hectares; it is home to some 2530 fascinating animal species. Designed with an "open concept" idea, visitors are allowed to have very close view at the animals. As you visit different parts of the zoo, you will experience a complete change in enclosure environment. Every animal enclosure is naturally landscaped to make the animals feel more at home. The Singapore zoological garden is truly a lovely place to visit.
 Going to the zoo
Getting to the Singapore Zoo is easy, with a few public busses to choose from or get on any Singapore's efficient taxis. Upon arrival at the zoo; you will see a neatly landscaped and designed entrance, with a few life-like animal sculptures. As you tour the entire park, you will see many more of these amazing animal sculptures.
 Talking about miniatures
While trying to find the gibbons that call so loudly from trees above at the entrance, I hardly noticed the herd of minute mouse deer that scrambled across the ground below the bridge. Each mature mouse deer is only about 1ft across from head to tail and with such small legs; you simply have to stop to wonder how they balance on them.
Animal's natural environment
Animal's natural environment is very crucial to the survival and adaptability of animal species, thankfully for the many well thought landscape architects, the animals here get to feel more at home. Every visitor at the zoo can experience walking through tropical rainforest, Africa savannas, Australia outback and even a visit to the Artic Ocean.
River otters
Pola bear
 Your so beautiful
Any ideal why we have Animal TV channels? That's because animals are truly beautiful in their natural setting. With all these beautiful animals living around us, I wonder why people would even drive them to extinction through illegal trades or trades of animal parts. Let’s do our part in preserving our beautiful nature by condemning illegal trades of wild animal and animal parts.
 Lazing in the shade
It was truly an amazing feeling to be standing next to one of the most magnificent cat, the Cheetah. I was really luck with the Cheetah simply lazing next to the glass panel of the huge enclosure, and I was able to take some great close-up shots with my camera.
Giant Tortoises
Giant Tortoises
 I can see you...
Would you like to see into the eyes of the four meters long crocodile? There you have it, a nice stare from the huge prehistoric looking reptile. Fortunately there’s a thick glass to see them up close, I would not want to get too close to that skilled hunter.
 Let me pose for you
The much pampered white tigers of the zoo, probably the stars of the zoo, constantly having visitors wanting to say hello to and to take photos. Bathing in the sun, on a nice big rock, just like a celebrity and occasionally looking up to smile at the camera. Simply can't have enough of all that glamour, what a beautiful cat!

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