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The National Orchid Garden is located at the heart of the Singapore Botanical Gardens (S.B.G.). Inside you will see dazzling displays of orchid hybrids and many assortments of exotic plants such as alocasias, bromeliads, tillandsias and many more. The most interesting place would be the cool house. There, visitors will get to experience the montane conditions where some of the most beautiful orchid and plant species are found. The National Orchid Garden is certainly a place where orchid and plant lovers should visit.
 National Orchid Garden Entrance
The entrance is a busy place where many tourists will be busy buying souvenirs or getting their tickets. The entrance fee is about S$5 for adults.
Paphiopedilum Hybrid
Dendrobium sp
Giant Morning Glory
 Bromeliad Collection
Bromeliad is a non-asian plant and I was never a fan of their thorny leaves and water retention crowns. They are certainly beautiful to look at and inside you will find a huge collection of bromeliad with tillandsias dangling everywhere.
 Cool House
It is certainly cool to have a cool house in Singapore. This million dollar glass house houses a mixture of Asian montane and foreign cool growing orchids. If only it was larger, there will be even more interesting things to see.
Misting the cool house
Cool House
Highland Orchids
 Highland Plants
The montane forest is usually wet and slimy and cold. The plants are exposed to more sun and their growth metabolism is slower. Plants that adapted to such environment are usually more colorful.
Aeschynanthus sp
Vanda coerulea
N. sanguinea
Artificial falls
 Asian beauties
I particularly liked the Asian montane orchids and plants. Theses plants are only visible in the highland forest and it is certainly a privilege to see them growing nicely in a glass house.
Carnivorous Plants
 Carnivorous plants from far away
It is also a privilege to see some of the cool growing carnivorous plants like sarracenia and heliamphora growing here in Singapore. Hopefully the Singapore Botanical Gardens continues to provide beautiful gardens that educate the importance of plants.
Dracula sp
Dendrobium sp.
Paphiopedilum sp.

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