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Sarawak, like Sabah, is known for its extraordinary natural wonders like national parks, Gunungs (Mountains) and Caves. Sarawak is the largest state in Malaysia. The capital of Sarawak is Kuching, Kuching actually means cat in Malay. Kuching town has only 2 to 3 major shopping centers, but as you walk and explore, you will see many 1980s coffee shop houses, traditional bakery, souvenir shops, and some modern restaurants and café. If in Kuching, I recommend all to go to my favorite café called “Bing, the coffee house”; they serve affordable and superb coffee and cheese cakes.
 View of Borneo
This photo was taken from the aero plane as we were flying across Borneo. I was really excited even when it was my second time to Borneo.
Kuching International Airport
Limestone hill
Photo taken form the village
 On our way to the limestone forest
This picture was taken along my way to our forest guide's home. Our guide is a local native and he lives in the rural area where primary limestone forest is just around the corner. After his home, we headed to the dangerous limestone hill. The limestone hills are filled with blade-sharp weathered lime stones, any slip can have you ended up with multiple cuts that can be deep. The sharp rocks were formed after years of erosion and only the hardest rocks remained. I was literally walking on the tip of the rocks. Even with all that danger, it was worth it as I managed to see all the wild Orchids, Nepenthes, Begonias, and Aroids.
Macodes sp.
Begonia sp.
Monophyllea sp.
Alocasia reversa
Corybas sp.
Bulb. reticulatum
 Paphiopedilum stonei in situ
Paph. stonei grew on the surface of the limestone slope together with another plant that looked very similar. The place was also bright and humid. I often mistook the forest weed as Paph. stonei. At around this area, Corybas can be found amongst the moss patch.
Bulb. biflorum 'alba'
Vanda dearei
'Thousand dollar clone'
 Meet the Queen
The queen of all paphs, Paphiopedilum sanderianum, grows in Gunung Mulu and the place is heavily protected by the Forestry Department of Malaysia. The photo was taken from a nursery and my jaws dropped and my tongue rolled when I first saw the bloom.
Map of Bako
Bako Beach
View of the hill
 Bako National Park
Bako National Park is another nice place for plant lovers. Going to this National Park requires an 80RM boat ride that lasted about 15 minutes. As I trekked up the hill at Bako, I spotted many nepenthes and orchids and many unusually plants. Along the trail, I came to a place that was hot and exposed where all the trees are dry and growing with ant plants all over. At bako I even manage to see the rare endangered Proboscis monkeys, how fortunate.
Beach when low tide
 Expensive View
Seeing this famous rock cost another 50RM more, what a waste of money. For some reasons, picture of this rock appeared in many postcards in Kuching.
I wonder why?
Weekend market
Pets stall
Wild plants store
Paph. stonei 'alba'
On the clouds
Flying away
 Bye Bye Sarawak
“So sad, leaving such a nice place.”
But I managed to return and I am going to visit there many times more. Hope all viewers enjoyed my photos.

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