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Fraser's hill or Bukit Fraser (1524m) was named after Louis James Fraser, a Scotsman. Bukit Fraser is located 105 km north of Kuala Lumpur and can be reached in 2 hours by car. There you will find an English cottage and a golf course. Surrounding the golf course are all kinds of accommodations for both the locals and the tourist. The forest is also just around the corner. All the forest trails there are accessible and full of interesting things.

 Mountain in view from Fraser's
I could not recall where I took this photo or what this mountain was. I guess I took this photo because it was all misty and nice. This picture best reflects the coolness of hilly areas where city folks do not see often.
Police station
Clock tower & post office
Puncak Inn
 Gesneriads with a purple blush
In the forest you will get to see all kinds of fascinating plants and insects. In some parts of the forest there might be leeches lurking around so do be mindful. Below are some of the minute orchids that can be seen.
Thrixspermum Species
Podochilus microphyllus
Bulb. viridescens
  Tall and beautiful Fern trees
Fern trees are commonly found along the roads and more can be found in mainly secondary forest. They are less useful as a shade provider but they can certainly beautify the place.
 A beautiful day
"What I find so delicate is the relationship between the clouds and the plants...."
Hope all viewers enjoyed my photos of Fraser's Hill.

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