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Cameron Highlands is a place of peace and solitude. In eyes of many, this place is the perfect holiday destination to relax and free stressful minds off work and noises of the urban city. Cameron is also the perfect place for exploration. There are 4 accessible mountains in Cameron Highlands, mainly Gunung Brinchang (2000m), Gunung Berembun (1812m), Gunung Perdah (1551m), and Gunung Jasar (1670m). Having visited Cameron 4 times, I only managed to trek through Gunung Berembun twice. Other than the rich forest, there are many plants and fruits nurseries for people to shop. Forest had been cut down for golf courses, hotels and condominiums, so visit Cameron when there is less heat trapped in the concrete structures around. Best to visit during holiday season where there will be many plant and food stalls opening daily.

 Gunung Brinchang from road side
This photo was taken during the evening after visited many plants and food stalls at Raju Hill Strawberry Farm. A bus stop is located there and Busses run at an hour intervals. Occasionally it can be really late and walking back to the hotel was the only option.
 Gunung Berembun from a hill
Trekking in Berembun may be challenging for some even with clear forest trails. Trekking can last for many hours and people might get lost in the forest. Hence always prepare a map or hire a guide for the first visit. Usually I would trek from Brinchang Town to Tanah Rata Town, across Gunung Berembun on the first day and leave the remaining days to less tiring trips. Below are some photos taken from Berembun.
Sphagnum Moss
Orchid sp.
Ridleyandra sp. 'alba'
Ridleyandra sp.
Ant fern
Pitcher plant
Coelogyne Xyrekes
 Vegetable farm
Never have I see so many vegetable grown in water. It was seriously an eye opener when I first visited my friend's vegetable farm. They harness the power of gravitiy and the natural water to grow the vegetables we eat on our dishes. The vegetables on our dishes come from hard work of the farmers. So please do not waste food even if you can afford to.
More vegetables
Cactus Valley
Wild durians?
Back alley
Mt. Brinchang
Pitcher Plant
Forest trail
Bulb. uniflorum
Corybas Flower
Moss Patch
Pitcher Plant
Modern Natives
Liparis Species
 Paphiopedilum Lowii
This beautiful paphiopedilum are found high up in the trees at both high and low altitudes. They flower freely in the highlands probabily due to the temperature differences in the day and night.
 The Gunungs
In the photo you can probably see both Gunung Perdah and Gunung Jasar. This photo was taken from a tall watch towel. Hope all viewers enjoyed the photos.

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