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Gunung Belumut (1010m) is a popular destination for trekkers mainly from Singapore and Malaysia. Located at the eastern part of Johore, some 18 km away from Kluang town, it amazes every visitor with its untouched forest and superb views from the summit. I have trekked up Belumut 3 times and every time was a brand new experience with many fond memories. I was there once a year since 2002. I hope the photos will amaze all viewers and hope you get to experience what I experienced on this beautiful mountain.
 Belumut from Far
This photo was taken from a village near to Belumut. Usually people will not be able to see the mountain but I was lucky that day to be able to snap a shot of the beautiful mountain catching a breath from the clouds.
 Mini Waterfall near campsite
This waterfall is where everyone can get to have some splashing and washing. It is located about 100m away from the campsite in the middle of the mountain. The natural water comes from rain collected on Belumut and it can send chill down your spine literally. People planning to visit the waterfall should be warned that certain parts may be deep and unsafe.
Rapids before campsite
 Just before the summit
Would you have noticed what could be growing from the mosses? Yes, they are corybas, an extremely minute orchid that produces the most bazzar flower you can ever imagine. Unfortunately i did not see any flowers at that time. It usually hides in the mosses and sometimes they appear to get some tan.
Paphiopedilum barbatum
Anoectochilus sp ?
View from the top
The jealous neighbour
Fallen sky
The misty mountain
 When the Sun rises
Waiting under the cold stary night just to catch the first rays of warmth from the sun is simply an amazing experience. Watching how the rays slowly brighten up the land. I strongly recommend all visitors to stay at the summit for the night and wait for this very moment. Until now i still misses the sunrise at belumut.
 The sunrise
After watching the sunrise, it was time to pack our tents and bags and head back down. Usually after a tiring trek down the mountain I would sit in the cold river water to clean and to heal my sore muscles at the foot of Belumut. Hope all viewers enjoyed the photos and my written experiences from Belumut. Take care!

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