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To order, simply fill in your particulars in the following web form and send us your request. If you are our regular customers, your Contact no. and Delivery Address is not required. All customers are advice to read our Terms of Sales.

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Ordering Information

Ordering procedures:

Step 1 - Send us your order
Simply fill in our web form above and we will get back to you shortly. Customers are advice to order during the warmer months or place advance order and request for parcel to be sent during the warmer months.

Step 2 - Import permits from Agriculture department
Many countries require import permit to import life plants. Please seek information from your agriculture department to ensure a safe import. Import permits are not required for locals and some countries.

Step 3 - Verify your order invoice and reply us
We will send you an invoice displaying all order particulars and the amount you are required to pay. Please verify that all order particulars and the total amount are correct and reply us with your confirmation message.

Step 4 - Make payments with Paypal
We will send a Paypal Fund Request E-mail where you can make a safe payment with your credit card. We also accept Paypal fund transfer. Please see payment methods for more information.

Minimum Order:
We accept a minimum of 100 USD.

Duration for order preparation:
Once payment is received, we will schedule your order for packaging and certificate application. Your order usually take about 1-2 weeks before being ready for dispatch, it may take up to 3 weeks depending on our schedule. You will receive a Parcel Dispatched notification via E-mail that contains your parcel tracking number once your parcel had been dispatched.

Shipping countries and Import Certificate Departments:

We ship to all countries worldwide and the flags above indicate the countries that we usually ship to.

Payment Methods:

International Payment (Paypal)
We accept credit card payments only through Paypal or Paypal fund transfer. We will send you a Paypal Fund Request E-mail after your confirmation.

International Payment (Telegraphic Transfer)
We accept telegraphic transfer to our bank account. Please request to make payments via this option and we will send you our account number.

Name of Beneficiary Bank: DBS Bank
Address of Beneficiary Bank: 6 Shenton Way, DBS Building, Singapore 068809
Country: Singapore

Local Payment
We accept payment through Bank Account Fund transfers. We will send you our local bank account details for fund transfer.

Introduction to Paypal
Paypal is a free, convenient and safe online payment website that allows funds transfer from buyer to seller. Visit www.paypal.com for more information.

Export Documents:

CITIES-Phytosanitary inspection and certification
We export all plant products with CITIES-phytosanitary certificates issued by our country's agriculture department. The certificates will be sent together within the parcel. We do not export any plants listed in CITIES APPENDIX 1.

CITIES-Phytosanitary Certificate Specimen

CITES Home Page:
Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora

Delivery Methods:

Air Freight Delivery - Express Mail Service (EMS)
By default, all orders that include life plants will be delivered by express post. The postage will be calculated base on weight and can vary from country to country. The parcel will be delivered to your specified address.

Air Freight Delivery - Registered Mail Service
We will send by Registered Mail only when there are no perishables in your order.


Freight & Packaging Charges Table for Express Mail Service (EMS)

Weight (Kg)
Zone B
Zone C
Zone D
Zone E
Zone F
Zone G
Zone B
Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand
1 - 3 Days
Zone C
Australia, China, India, Japan, Myanmar, New Zealand, Vietnam
2 - 4 Days
Zone D
UK, Canada, Blangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Belgium
2 - 4 Days
Zone E
France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, USA
2 - 4 Days
Zone F
Isreal, Norway, UAE, Brazil, Russian Federation, Spain
2 - 5 Days
Zone G
Argentina, Czech Republic, Mexico, South Africa, Slovakia
5 - 6 Days

Note: The above table shows the freight charges based on the parcel weight, inclusive of packaging charges. All parcels can be subjected to customs clearance, delays in destination country, missed or cancelled dispatches, which may require additional days. The above rates is valid from 1st January to 31st March 2013.

Freight & Packaging Charges for Registered Mail Service
Registered Mail charges will be made known after the parcel has been weigh. Customers will proceed with the payment before the dispatch of the parcel.

CITIES-Phytosanitary and Fumigation Certificates
10 items of less is 15 USD
11 items to 20 items is 30 USD
21 items to 30 items is 45 USD
31 items or more is 60 USD
Fumingation Certificate=15 USD (Optional)

CITIES Export/Re-export Certification (Optional)
This certificate is required for CITIES Appendix 1 species only. Optional for CITIES Appendix 2 species.
Charges is 10 USD per species, minimum 5 species.

Discounts and incentives:

Customers are recommended to order in bulk to receive more discounts and savings on packaging and delivery charges.

      200 USD - 500 USD receives 5% discount
501 USD - 999 USD receives 10% discount
1000 USD or more receives 10% discount with
      free CITIES-Phytosanitary Certificate worth 60 USD.

Terms of Sales

Understanding of Order Terms and Conditions
By confirming your order, we assume our customers had fully understood the ordering terms and relevant charges listed on this page. Contact us if you have any queries.

Variation in freight charges
In order to provide fast and efficient delivery of parcels, we will be charging an estimated advance freight cost. Once the actual parcel has been weighed and dispatched, we will refund any balance of the advance freight cost charged. If the actual parcel cost more that our estimate, customers are required to pay for any additional freight charges.

Checking of items upon receiving
Customers are advice to inspect every purchased item carefully, inform us if there is any unacceptable damage or incorrect item within 1 day upon receiving. Send us photos of the damages or the incorrect items.

Lost parcel
We are using a reliable and trustworthy freight company to deliver our parcels. Parcel will be delivered to the specified address in the invoice. Customers are advised to track, trace and collect the parcel. In any case of a lost parcel, we will investigate the reason. If we are responsible for the lost parcel, customers are entitled to a replacement. We will not be responsible if an incorrect delivery address supplied to us or damage due to late collection of parcel.

Damaged items due to impact
All our products are carefully packaged to ensure the survival of all our plant products. In any case of damage due to impact, resulted from our improper packaging, customers are entitled to a replacement or a refund.

Incorrect item(s) delivered
Incorrect items rarely occur but when that happens, please inform us. Customers are entitled to a replacement or a refund. Customers are not required to return the incorrect items.

Items undelivered
In any case of undelivered items, customers are entitled to a refund.

Damages due to negligence or mishandling
We will not be responsible for any damage due to negligence or mishandling of the parcel and the items within.

Damages due to uninformed situations or conditions
Customers are advice to provide us with all the necessary information such as import procedures, custom declarations and other requirements to ensure a safe import. Customers are advice to order during seasons with temperatures between 15°C to 30°C or place advance order and request for delivery during the warmer months. We will not be responsible for any damage resulted.

Customers are entitled to a one time free replacement for any damaged item or incorrect item(s) delivered. Customers are required to pay for the shipping cost of replacement. Customers can choose to have the replacement shipped together with a new order or be sent individually. We advice customers to ship the replacement with a new order to save up on shipping cost.

When a customer is entitled to a refund, we will refund the full value charged for that item(s) via Paypal or other means depending of the payment methods. Paypal Tax of 3.5% will also be refunded by Paypal within 2 months after fund transfer.


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