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What are Aroids?

  • Aroid is the common name for members of the Araceae family of plants.
  • The inflorescence is usually a bizarre combination of spathe and spadix, commonly known as the "flower".
  • The real flowers are small and can be found surrounding the lower portion of the spadix.
  • The flowers are pollinate by flies and beetles that are attracted to foul scents.

Find out more at our Aroids Culture Guide.

The spathe and the spadix of Amorphophallus obscurus.
Alocasia chaii
An adorable dwarf species that came from remote valleys of central Sarawak. It produces pale grey leathery leaves that are supported by pale green petioles.
Alocasia clypeolata
Alocasia cuprea (Malaysia)
One of the most beautiful species within the family that originates from Sabah and were later discovered in East of Sarawak. They are capable of producing large sparkling copper-tinted greenish leaves.
Alocasia denudata (Singapore, Malaysia)
One of the tall species that can be found in forest and plantations. It produces huge glossy green leaves supported by molted petioles.
Alocasia infernalis (Malaysia)
This beautiful species originate from tropical rainforest of Sarawak. They produces beautiful glossy deep violet leaves that are supported by short purple petioles.
Alocasia longiloba (Malaysia)
A large species that grows on loose leaf litter of forest. The leaves are waxy & with contrasting white veins spreading outwards to the leave edge, making it very noticable species.
Alocasia macrorhiza (Asia)
This gigantic species can be found in most tropical rainforest. Their lush green leaves and petioles enable them to withstand full direct sunlight. They are extremely hardy and commonly used for landscaping gardens.
Alocasia macrorhiza "Varigated" (Asia)
Alocasia melo (Malaysia)
An adorable dwarf species that originate from Sabah. They produces a coarse grey leaf surface and are supported by pale green petioles.
Alocasia nebula (Malaysia)
This is a rare species endemic to Sarawak, growing in leaf litter of low altitude limestone forest. They have thick blue-grey leaves that can reach 30cm in length and has an attractive leave surface.
Alocasia reversa (Malaysia)
An attractive species that grows in leaf litter of lowland forest of Sarawak. Each leaves produces a uniform dark green shading on a silvery-grey leaf surface.
Alocasia robusta (Malaysia)
An enormous species endemic to Sarawak forest but widely distributed. It has glossy lime green leaves that are suported by reddish-brown petioles.
Alocasia species (Malaysia)
This dwarf & inconspicuous species occurs in intermediate altitudes of Pahang, found growing on moist forest floors. Their leathery canoe-shaped leaves has veins brancing outwards from the petioles.
Alocasia scabriuscula (Malaysia)
Amorphophallus asterostigmatus (Thailand)
It is found growing between large boulders where there is little soil. This species produces a pink stem usually covered with dark spots.
Amorphophallus atroviridis (Thailand)
It is found growing between large boulders where there is little soil. This species produces a pink stem.
Amorphophallus aff. bufo "Highland" (Malaysia)
This is a rare species that originates from highland montane rainforest of Malaysia. It produces lush green leaves supported by stems that are heavily spotted with round green spots.
Amorphophallus aff. bufo "Lowland" (Malaysia)
This species is from 200m to 1500m a.s.l. and it has variable leaves and stems. They grow deep in the soil and are usually covered by leave litter.The stems and the leaves of the lowland bufos are variable in colors. Their redish-brown stem are usually scattered with black and white spots.The leaves are green and have some glittering red pigments randomly scattered. The tubers are prone to rots and water less during dormancy.
Amorphophallus dactylifer (Philippines)
This species is endemic to forest of philippines. Stems are molted with different shades of brown and has a rough petiole.
Amorphophallus glaucophyllus (Thailand)
This rare species produces beautiful silver-grey leaves that are supported by deep brown petiole (Stalk). It will also go dormant during the dry months of Thailand, best kept in cool and dry place.
Amorphophallus hewittii (Malaysia)
This species grows deep under moist soil and leaf litter. It occurs along the slopes of limestone mountains. The stem is heavy spotted with circular lime green patches.
Amorphophallus koratensis Gagn. (Thailand)
Amorphophallus aff. laoticus Hett. (Thailand)
Amorphophallus aff. laoticus Hett. (Thailand)
Amorphophallus muelleri (Thailand)
This species is native to Thailand, Indonesia and India.
Amorphophallus obscurus Hett. & M. Sizemore (Thailand)
This miniature species begin to flower when the tuber is only 2cm in diameter. It must be grown in very well draining soil and kept completely dry during dormancy.
Amorphophallus paeoniifolius (Malaysia)
This large species can be seen on exposed slopes of mountains. The leaves are green. It is easy to grow and best to be kept in well draining media.
Amorphophallus pendulus (Malaysia)
This rare species occurs in shallow leaf litter on limestone mountain. Leaves may appear in green or glittering with red pigments.
Amorphophallus pseudoharmandii (Thailand)
Amorphophallus variabilis (Indonesia)
Amorphophallus aff. elegans (Malaysia)
This species occurs in lowland rainforest of Perak, Peninsular Malaysia. It grows in humid and shady places where the ground is silky and sandy, often along small river streams or on slopes of small hills. Leaves are green and grows to 15" or wider.
Amorphophallus serrulatus (Thailand)
Amorphophallus sparsiflorus (Malaysia)
A rare species endemic to malaysia. When they are young, their leaves are red and as they grow larger, their leaves turn greyish silver. Petiole are red with dark speckles.

Amorphophallus sp. "Blue Dust" (Thailand)

Amorphophallus sp. (Thailand)
Amorphophallus sp. (Malaysia)
The origins of this species is unknown, possibily originated from Sarawak, Borneo
Arisaema filiforme (Malaysia)
This species occurs in the cool montane forest at elevations of 1800m. It grows in shallow leaf-litter and in open spaces with a balance of shade and sunlight. The plant can reach about 1ft tall with deep red spath.
Arisaema filiforme (Malaysia)
This species can be cutivated in lowland conditions and grow well. This species can also be exposed to brighter conditions but not under full sun.
Arisaema anomalum (Malaysia)
Arisaema scortechinii (Malaysia)
Arisaema sp (Malaysia)
Arisaema sp (Malaysia)
Arisaema sp (Malaysia)
Arisaema sp (Malaysia)
Rhaphidophora korthalsii (Malaysia)
This species can be see in lowland rainforest of Sarawak. Usually growing on trees and large bolders. This sepcies also requires shade from the sun and high humudity.
Rhaphidophora sp "Indo Giant" (Indonesia)
The origin of this plant remains unknown but many have seen it first in Indonesia. They are easy to care for and each leave can reach about 6" in diameter.

Rhaphidophora cryptantha
The origins of this species is unknown. It has rounded leaves that grows to 3" wide and heavily decorated with intricate silver veins.

Rhaphidophora sp (Malaysia)
This species grows on trees and each leave is only 5cm in diameter and it probabily can get bigger. The leaves are very thin and craws straight up a tree in rather dry conditions.
Rhaphidophora sp (Malaysia)
The is a beautiful species that produces leaves with a diameter of more than 5 inches. This species is being cultivated in a nursery.
Other Aroid Species
Amydrium humile (Malaysia)
Anthurium angamarcanum (Ecuador)
Anthurium compactum (Ecuador)
Anthurium coriaceum (Ecuador)
Anthurium gracile (Ecuador)
Anthurium marmoratum (Ecuador)
Colocasia affinis Var. jenningsii
Homalomena aff. insignis
Homalomena aff. insignis "Silver"
Apoballis mutata (Malaysia)
This is a beautiful species with new leaves that are bright pinkish in color.
Philodendron mamei (Ecuador)
This is a beautiful species with new leaves that are bright pinkish in color.
Philodendron verrucosum (Ecuador)
Pycnospatha arietina (Thailand)
Pycnospatha sp. (Thailand)
Pycnospatha sp. (Thailand)
Scindapsus lucens (Malaysia)
Scindapsus pictus "Argyraeus" (Malaysia)
Widely distributed and very common. Only produce flowers when mature and given sufficient sunlight. Easy to grow and never fails to throw out new shoots.
Scindapsus pictus "Centre stripe" (Malaysia)
Scindapsus pictus "Silver Hearts" (Malaysia)
Scindapsus treubil (Malaysia)
Typhonium roxburghii (Singapore)
This species is commonly found Only produce flowers when mature and given sufficient sunlight. Easy to grow and never fails to throw out new shoots.
Aroid sp. (Malaysia)
Aroid sp. (Malaysia)
Aroid sp. (Malaysia)
This species can be seen growing in shaded humid tropical rainforest on trees and boulders. They are good climbers and can craw their way up to attain more sunlight.
Aroid sp. (Malaysia)


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